Celtic Treasure Chest- Steve McVittie

Steve McVittie of the Celtic Treasure

Steve McVittie owner of the Celtic Treasure Chest

Car Rally at East Beach in White Rock

In 2011, I collaborated with an associate and we produced an online publication called, White Rocks Best – as good as the concept was we found we had bitten off more than we could chew. The intention was to draw the locals to revisit and rediscover, the businesses on east beach – still undefined- like Cinderella in waiting we were not sure of the direction to take and this was when I first met Steve McVittie. In 2011, we worked with Steve to design a project which was called the “Passport to East Beach.”

Steve had a British Import retail store at East Beach – The Celtic Treasure Chest, “British Imports” – and he was very proactive in trying to promote his fellow merchants. At the same time as we were discussing the passport project Steve was preparing for the ‘London to Brighton Commemorative Run,’ car rally for the Old English Car Club’s annual run to be held on Nov. 6, 2011 on East Beach. I was very much out of my comfort zone, introducing myself and approaching the East Beach merchants to welcome our magazine while trying to promote the passport. Steve, understanding and liking our concept, basically took me by the hand, and introduced me to most of the merchants on the East Beach.

In the end, this sunny, warm and brilliant November day was enjoyed by all, with its beautiful weather and relaxing atmosphere. Still today, this event will always be one of the most memorable moments that I have experienced on the waterfront. The Passport was a success, the businesses said it proved very productive and the concept is now being copied by the Dunbar B.I.A. Both the YouTube and marketing concept proved to be a learning experience and will prove to be very helpful in working with my other clients in the future.

I photographed the event and produced the following YouTube presentation. Check out the YouTube presentation as it shows the social community of White Rock: There were over 90 Old English Antique cars, The Delta Police Pipe Band, The B.C. Regiment Irish Pipe Band and families, friends, dogs, food, and live music from all over the lower mainland.

The Celtic Treasure Chest – British Imports, Groceries, Deli Products, and Sweets

Published on Apr 7, 2014

The Celtic Treasure Chest is your BC Destination for British Imports, British Groceries, British Teas, Meat Pies, Black Pudding and White Pudding, British Foods, Bacon, Sausages, Cheese, Sweets and Chocolates, Soccer, Country Gifts and Souvenirs, imported directly from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Steve and Lil McVittie, are owners of The Celtic Treasure Chest and they invite you to take a trip down memory lane and while there take home a bit of Britain from their wide selection of U.K. Products. Steve has a great passion for his Heritage and Culture from his Irish and Scottish roots.

British food has always been an important part of Steve’s life, and aptly describes, The Celtic Treasure Chest, as a British shop dropped into a Canadian location. For many it’s their Celtic traditions culture and heritage, for some it is memories of home and family, or maybe you have spent time in England, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, Wales or on the Isle of Man and fell in love with some of their British made products.

Have you ever wondered where you could get British Imports and groceries in Canada? The Celtic Treasure Chest is as close as you can get to British products without the cost of a plane ticket and they are working hard to be your destination for British products in Canada.

In 2014, Steve contacted me to produce a YouTube presentation for their stores, which was needed in order to get a message out through the social media using the web media on the products and services the stores have to offer. I enhanced the supplied photos to produce this presentation, and the Celtic music adds much to the presentation.  Since posted the comments on this dynamic presentation have proven the ability we have to prepare a YouTube presentation that would show your products or services in a way you would want them shown.  You are free to contact Steve as to the work we have done for The Celtic Treasure Chest.