Marwood’s Music – Ron Fairbairn

Marwood Music Project- Singer Songwriter Ron Fairbairn

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Ronald Marwood Fairbairn is my soul mate, playmate, and one of my favourite people in this world. On March, 28th, 1981, we were set up by a mutual friend, and we have been together from that very day. We both love music. I love to dance, and Ron is a talented musician. In the beginning, of our relationship Ronny was the bass player and co-writer with the band Roxcity and when he was touring he would leave prose for me under the pillow. The first one was:

This is Joy
That I may breathe through One who believes.
This is Love
That God is seen in Everything
This is Care
That what One does in life is not for One alone
This is all I need
Sleep well my Love, for I am Yours

Beginning in 1983, Ronny played with his pals – fun loving Bermuda fellows, and because Ron found an interest in computers and digital audio (Pro Tools) he produced an album called Romp in the Swamp by Swampjazz. I photographed the band, designed the logo, cover art, and  insert for the Swampjazz CD.

Throughout the years, we have remained loyal to our dreams. Ron continues to play bass and guitar,  has grown into his own as a singer-songwriter, and since 2009, has been pursuing his dreams as an independent artist. And, I am living my dream as a commercial artist in helping him to make his vision come to life.

To see more cover art and listen to Ron’s music visit this site.