Eat It Up – Karen Nelson

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Back in the early 90’s Karen and I became instant friends. With life’s changes, we had lost contact with each other, but in 2003 I saw a write up about Karen and her quest in the local newspaper, and I phoned her immediately.  With print and pixel, I have worked with Karen ever since, through all the ups and downs of her business – why? Because, I admire her tenacity, and I believe that what she is doing will make a change in people’s lives.

Karen Nelson, speaks from the heart, and has a sense of humor that is delightfully contagious. She has common sense solutions and speaks from experience, whether she is talking about the serious issues of Health or the Adventures of Food. One is encouraged because Karen has been there and draws from her own personal experience at dealing with two of the top diseases, obesity and diabetes and shares her experience and knowledge with the hope of changing lives.

Because there is a major rise of obesity, and the age of onset diabetes is becoming younger, Karen started consulting and teaching in 2003 with her initial company, ‘Your Body Bible’ and then created a program in 2004 called ‘EAT IT UP’ Nutritional Education Workshops to educate and feed people of all ages and cultures. In 2005 and 2006, she put on amazing cooking demos to attract everyone – from vegans, vegetarians to meat eaters and more!

From 2006 onwards, Karen focused on food manufacturing and mainstream distribution, producing wheat free and gluten free cookies, red pepper jam, and even ketchup – sweetenend with stevia. She was then introduced to Organic Agave Nectar and life has not been the same since. She created an Organic Fruit Spread line – using Agave Nectar as the sweetener, which went right onto the shelves of all ‘Capers’ locations, ‘Whole Foods’, ‘Spud Organics’, and – just to keep her extra busy – she spent 3 years doing multiple farmers markets all over the Lower Mainland. In 2010 she decided to take her Organic Fruit Spread line one step further into major distribution. To make sure the distribution company she chose to go with was doing her products right, she started working for them as an Account Manager.

Karen, introduced ‘Got Cranberries’ cranberry sauce in the Fall of 2013, and it has been, and continues to be a hit!

You can look for Karen on Facebook at Eat It Up Organics.