The Waterfront Drift

The Waterfront Drift

The Waterfront Drift Series – A triptych Acrylic Painting- artist: Sherron Fairbairn

 Reflecting and Connecting Your Waterfront Community

vidence shows that waterfront communities have a common theme.  Lakes, rivers, oceans and coastlines, out-and-out inspire us. I know they inspire me, and I invite you to explore the waterfront through my eyes.

It is with intention to draw the locals to revisit the eclectic east beach – still undefined- like a cinderella in the waiting. It is the only area left other than Crescent Beach that is part dog friendly and the tides take the longest to come in at this end which means more sand time.

Since 1985, the East Beach has always been one of my favourite stomping grounds and captures a part of my soul – my “zen” place.

 Common themes emerge to engage in resident satisfaction and visitor experience. People watch, nature watch, storm watch, sunrise and sunsets, get away from it all, a place to find for inspiration, organic spaces and seating

 White Rock | Ocean Park | Crescent Beach

White Rock

Strolling the 2.5km-long beach promenade, (wheelchair and baby stroller accessible) one discovers the widely known landmarks, being the 1,500 ft. long, 100 year old pier, and the folkloric white rock, we discover the White Rock Museum, the ever-changing tides, the strikingly beautiful open skies and the dramatic and romantic sunsets. The views of Mount Baker with the Cascade mountains as its backdrop present a wonderful array of sea and bird life in the forefront.  The waterfront activities from sailing, kayaking, skim boarding and frolicking in tidal pools and the Sea Festival.
Our waterfront boasts a superb array of multi-national cuisine, arts scene and music, and events. People travel to see history and culture and our waterfront is becoming known as a celebration destination and a calling card and community connection for our local artists.