A Bird in A Hat is Worth Two in the Bush


Original photograph of the Pine Sisken in my straw hat. Sherron Fairbairn


In the winter of 2012, a flock of about 35 Pine Sisken’s (finch – family)-congregated to our patio for the whole winter. Being very sensitive to the cold they were freezing their little asses off and took shelter in our Laurel hedge. They are social birds, and this one sat on my shoulder and snuggled into my neck to get warm. He even tried to come into our home on foot.  One day, I found this little guy perched on my straw hat just outside our door. I grabbed my camera to catch this amazing moment, we looked each other in the eye as he posed for the shot.

About the Pine Siskens 

Pine Sisken are song birds, have a listen:

Sadly, this little guy didn’t survive the winter. In memory, I decided to do a painting of him.  A year later, I decided to do something unique with this finished painting. I found a forgotten beautiful ladder chair in a Thrift Store and got to work. The chair itself was a handful because it had not been looked after for a very long time.

Acrylic painting on canvas

Bird in A Hat is Worth Two in the Bush- artist Sherron Fairbairn



A Bird in a Hat is Worth Two in the Bush

The Bird in the Hat painting stretched on new seat of the chair.


The Ladder Chair


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