My precious sister- in – law said this of my painting and she made my heart swell. You have so perfectly captured the frailty of the environment, and oh!  Those colours!  It’s probably a personal thing, but it’s almost impossible to just look at “the whole.”  Each part of this is just so beautiful, my eye gets drawn to different aspects of the image in a slow dance:  first, I drink in the lake (I’m particularly attracted to the colour, which is perfect), then The Barrier (love both the colours and the contrast), then the Black Tusk.  It is a visual feast and, best of all, it is believable:  anyone who has seen different parts of our province at it’s best knows that the colours are completely real.   Mount Price
A dormant volcano whose gentle summit stands by itself on the western shore of Garibaldi Lake. Mount Price rises above the surrounding landscape on the western shore of Garibaldi Lake.

Garibaldi Lake 
The turquoise color of the lake’s water is due to glacial flour suspended in the meltwater.  Garibaldi Lake lies in a deep subalpine basin, with its surface at nearly 1,500 m (4,900 ft) above sea level and a depth exceeding 250 m (800 ft). It is almost entirely surrounded by mountains except at its northwestern tip. Lava flows from the volcano of Mount Price blocked the ancestral valley, damming the waters of the lake behind the lava formation known as The Barrier. 

The Barrier 
The Barrier was formed when large lava flows emanated from a vent on the west shoulder of Mount Price about 9,000 years ago. The lava dam retaining the Garibaldi Lake and it is over 300 m (1,000 ft) in thickness and about 2 km (1.2 mi) wide where it impounds the lake. 

The Black Tusk
To Squamish people, this mountain is known as t’ak’t’ak mu’yin tl’a in7in’a’xe7en. In their language it means “Landing Place of the Thunderbird” 
The dark, jagged edges of Black Tusk make it one of the most scenic and unique hikes in southwestern British Columbia and a days hike 
to Lake Garibaldi.

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