Something will catch my attention – a shape, a colour, a reflection, a digital visual, or beauty in nature, and discover a new-found inspiration, experiment this find with photography, acrylic, or mixed media, and enjoy telling the story behind the artpiece. Welcome to my world of ART by SHERRON.

 Zig Ziglar says- Put all excuses aside and remember this: you are capable. For years I found many excuses to not be an artist, I began my path in my thirties with this charcoal drawing. During my college years, I fell in love with watercolour, and photography – artistic and  commercial .  In 2010, drawn to experiment with another medium, I chose acrylic painting, which took a bit of transition time. There is no end to a creative path – I continued on with my acrylic painting on canvas, and decided to use a new frame- a chair – ‘Sher’s Chairs.’ I render old unwanted chairs, into practical, moveable works of art. Please, have a look – ‘Inspired by a Peony‘ | ‘A Bird in A Hat is Worth Two in the Bush‘ | ‘The King of Hearts.’

About once a month, I will update you with my newest artwork, my latest inspiration, or art events. Please stay connected, I would love for you to JOIN ME.