The Girl With Angel Eyes

Charcoal Drawing

The Girl With Angel Eyes – Charcoal drawing – all shading without lines. Artist- Sherron Fairbairn

In the early 80’s, I was living in Kitsilano at the time and one day (why I don’t know) I came home with paper and charcoal. Because art had  been out of my life since public school, I had no intention or plan to draw anything in particular.  A few hours flew by and tears flowed while I was divinely guided with this drawing, and when she finally appeared I was in awe of her. I do not know who she is, what era she is from, or what she is saying. This drawing is all shading, without lines, and why only one eye appears – you got me. After a short period of time the love of my life appeared and with his support I decided to go for the brass ring and become the Commercial Artist I had wanted to be in high school. With this drawing and a handful of others, I bravely and humbly travelled  to Capilano College in North Vancouver, and put my best foot forward to see if I would be accepted into the program. It was unnerving to do this, being thirty five years old at the time, and I was so proud of myself,  because only 20 people were chosen out of the 200 applicants and my childhood dream was going to come true after all. I will always cherish this charcoal drawing.


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