Who I Am

My passion is to create an impression that is meaningful and inspirational. It has been said that my artistic style is informal, part gesture, with vibrancy and intense energy. By the by, I believe this comment reflects who I am. A very good friend of mine said, that I am a human artistic impression. Got to love that.

Sherron at age seven

My goal is to be as real as possible and invite you into my world so you can see how things came together from the beginning. It was evident from a very young age, I had an artistic side. As a child, I loved to draw, especially women and fashion, at the age of ten I had my first lesson in oil painting of a landscape, I was influenced by the amazing color and artistry of the Walt Disney Classics.

By high school, my dream of becoming a commercial artist fell away, because in the 60’s, art programs were dropped and commercial art meant – math, which became even more difficult when a dark and evil monster, a.k.a. -New Math, was invading schools across the country,and destroying my dream. I just didn’t get it. I was caught in the monster’s wasteland between common sense and no calculator in those days. My lack of understanding math-held me back, ‘If a chicken and a half lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long does it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle?’ I was plainly, stumped.

I moved on with life in all directions. I love and care for people, I thought nursing would be the answer. I studied for one year. The nano sensitive girl that I am, this career was not going to be in my best interest, because I cared too much, and brought my work home with me. Next. Then in the 60’s, I became a hair stylist, and this career lasted for 19 years. Well, it was creative and social. Now in the early 80’s, on a fluke, I bought drawing paper and charcoal and ‘The Girl With Angel Eyes‘ came to life. She is my reminder of my beginnings, and love her still today. In 1981, a mutual friend introduced me to Ron, my husband to be, and together, we decided to catch our dreams. God works in many mysterious ways. Beginning in 1981, and 3 years at Capilano College, N.Vancouver, B.C., I became a Commercial Artist. I had just graduated as computers were coming into the scene. I was not to be saved by the computer with its magical ‘resize’ command. In those days, Commercial art involved a lot of math, and I was still having a problem with the number of those darned seeds in that pickle.

So, again, I moved on with life in all directions. I tried reflexology, financial services, always trying to find my place. Heed to the proverb: Art is long, life is short and there is so much knowledge (or skill) to acquire that a lifetime is not sufficient. I began painting, studying and practicing, expressing and discovering myself, and before I knew it in the early 90’s, I was back in school again to get my diploma in digital print and web publishing. I don’t need a slide rule to know what looks good….and who cares about the pickles in life anyway?

I am a visual artist, difficulties and all, and I embrace the ups and downs.